Flights from the US and Canada to Cabo.


Getting to Cabo from the US and Canada is not complicated, there are several ways to fly or sail there. Most major airlines fly to Los Cabos. Each day, there are more and more flights from cities across the US and Canada.

You can find discounted tickets at major sales such as Black Friday, also, you can set up alerts at many sites to find out about offers.

If direct flights are too expensive, you can fly to another Mexican City, and then fly to Cabo, you can save money and meet another city from this diverse country. If you’re close to the border, you can use the CBX and fly from Tijuana, flights are usually cheaper from this Mexican City.

There are 1342 different flight routes from Los Cabos International Airport, and they connect with over 110 different cities in 7 different countries. Some airlines that fly to Los Cabos are:

·         Aero Calafia.

·         Aeromexico.

·         Aeromexico Connect.

·         Air Canada.

·         Alaska Airlines.

·         American Airlines.

·         Delta Airlines.

·         Frontier Airlines.

·         Jazz Airlines.

·         Magni Charters.

·         Spirit Airlines.

·         Sun Country Airlines.

·         Southwest Airlines.

·         United Airlines.

·         Virgin Airlines.

·         Viva Aerobus.

·         Volaris.

·         Westjet Airlines.

If you want an extensive beach vacation, you can travel to Mazatlán, Sinaloa, and then take the ferry to Cabo, boats depart daily at 3 pm and it takes about 15 hours to get there, depending on the wind.

The ferry is a unique and scenic route, you will likely spot whales and dolphins on the way.

Cabo is a very accessible destination, and it is ideal for spending your winter vacation.

Invest in Cabo, get a condo in one of the best cities in Mexico