How to get a home for free in Cabo


Rental properties are a reliable way to generate income and build wealth, and newly developed investment models make them more accessible than ever before.

Why should you invest in rental property? Traditional rental property investing involves buying a property, renovating it, getting it market-ready, and then renting it to tenants on a long-term lease.

Another option is to rent a property as a short-term vacation rental. Investors get many benefits from investing in rental properties, for example:

·         Asset appreciation, as property values increase over time.

·         Monthly cash flow.

·         Tax breaks.

·         Investment portfolio diversification.

·         Tangible investment assets.

To invest in rental properties, the first step is to find your investment property. Rental properties are usually better abroad, in Mexico, for example, where Cabo is a destination that offers infrastructure and high-profit gains in the long term.

You want to familiarize yourself with the local rental market to accurately project rental rates, rehab costs, and vacancy losses.

Also, you need to be aware of local laws regarding landlord/ tenant rights and obligations, such as rent controls, eviction procedures, and legal responsibilities.

It is advisable to hire the services of a local real estate company, as they know the regulations and requirements for foreign investors and can suggest the best properties to the needs of the said investor.

They can also suggest a better rental model for your brand-new property. Due diligence is required to protect your investment, thoroughly vet prospective renters, get information on their previous landlord, employment references, and credit checks and be sure to get a lawyer to draft an airtight contract.

Cabo has a very complete infrastructure and is constantly developing and growing, so properties are expected to increase their value exponentially.

If you’re considering buying a property to start investing in Cabo, we suggest a condo. A house with a garden and pool requires a bigger commitment maintenance-wise, and it isn’t advisable unless you intend to reside at the property or if you find a reliable property manager.

But there is no question that rental properties in Cabo are a smart investment for the future.

Cabo is the best place to live in Mexico