Sharing the blessings


With a population of almost 130 million and being one of the largest countries in the world, Mexico is a welcoming country that offers something for everyone. You can find ancient ruins, lush sceneries, sun-filled beaches, historical sites, incredible museums, renowned cuisine and so much more - We know Mexico has something that will take your breath away!

Ares Development Group was established with the purpose of providing a specialized service that goes above and beyond. We make use of the experiences we have in different sectors, trusting our quality processes as the core of our corporation. We have experience in tourism development, hotel, timeshare, and residential development, with more than 1,700 hectares in Baja California Sur to develop.

Today, the companies that make up Ares Development Group are evaluated amongst the best nationally and internationally, thanks to the trust of thousands of partners worldwide.

One of our newest projects is Porto Novo - 6 condo buildings to be built on El Tezal in Cabo. With this project, we wanted to make a contribution to this beautiful country and its people.

When you purchase a home in Porto Novo, we, Ares Group, will build a home for a local family in Cabo San Lucas, in your name. On the same day you receive the keys to your Porto Novo home, you will be able to share the joy by giving.

Ares will be building more than 178 functional, yet modest, homes for local families. This project would not be possible without the local governments’ support. They are contributing by donating the land needed in order to provide these homes to local families.

We appreciate Los Cabos’ government efforts to find new ways to support Mexican families with projects that benefit many.

Living  in Mexico is certainly an investment that allows people to improve their quality of life. We, at Ares Group, want to be able to offer the same to our local families. With Ares Group, you can share the blessing of a new home with a local family. We know that a modest but beautiful home will bring much needed support, joy, and smiles to our community.

Our goal is to establish new guidelines that exceed expectations and can excel in other areas that benefit more  people.

Why do we do these things? Because it is the right thing to do.

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