The story of Cabo Wabo.


One of the most famous spots in Los Cabos is the Cabo Wabo Cantina if you visit Los Cabos, you should not miss it. As featured on MTV, VH1, E-Channel, and Travel Channel, when thinking about partying in Cabo, this is the right spot.

Cabo Wabo is a nightclub restaurant and bar company that was founded in 1990 by singer-songwriter Sammy Hagar. Now, it has multiple franchises, but it was founded in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Sammy Hagar partnered with his friend, architect Marco Monroy, and fellow Van Halen members to open a large bar, restaurant, and performance space, named after the band’s 1988 song Cabo Wabo.

The story is funny, because Hagar bought the property in Cabo San Lucas, and started a competition to choose the architects in charge of the project. Marco Monroy won, and Hagar was happy because he is his friend.

But the project was made in square meters, and not in square feet, so the place was much larger than expected for a town the size of Cabo San Lucas.

The cantina was a financial failure, so Hagar bought out his bandmates. The new management made the bar popular with both locals and tourists.

When the town grew, Cabo Wabo was a success and Hagar opened franchises in different cities in the United States.

The name was Hagar’s idea, and he claims he thought of it after watching a man walk unsteadily after a heavy night’s party, so he used the town’s nickname “Cabo” and shortened wobble to “Wabo” saying that the man was doing the Cabo Wabo.

In 1990, Hagar hired Noel Vestri, a pioneer of computer graphic designs, to produce the logo for the brand. The logo is still used today.

Hagar commissioned a Tequila from a family-owned distillery in Jalisco and named it Cabo Wabo, in 1999 a wine importer from Napa Valley began to import the tequila into the United States.

The Cabo Wabo tequila was a sales success, it rose from 37000 cases in the first year, to 140000 cases in 2006, making it the second-best-selling premium tequila in the United States.

Hagar sold 80% of Cabo Wabo tequila to Gruppo Campari, the world’s largest spirits company for $80 million. Hagar is still part of the brand as an advisor.

But the Cantina is still one of the most successful spots in Cabo San Lucas and it has grown with the town. Its excessively large size in the 90s is just right for current demand, that is why it is considered a visionary endeavor.

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